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Elaine graduated with her dual degree in MFA of Theater Studies, concentrate in Costume design and a Master of Fashion Industry Studies at Kent State University. She is currently a doctoral student in Communication and Information at KSU with a concentration on Cultural Heritage Informatics. Her research focuses on cross-cultural fashion by looking into the historic cultures east and west, connecting and applying innovative design with advanced technologies.

As an international student in the United States, Elaine was born and raised in British Hong Kong, a global city where Eastern and Western cultures merge. From an early age, she was embraced by the spreading of culture and growth of technologies in Japan, which is geographically next to Hong Kong. She grew up, studied, and worked as a fashion designer with Japanese culture surrounded through various types of designs and communication with Japanese customers in the fashion industry. Her interest in traditional Japanese aesthetics, specifically in fashion styling, developed under this background.


Elaine's goal is to work as an educator who can broaden her students' sight, inspire their innovation talents, and guide them for their growth with her background and knowledge.

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